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C/ Camino de Pradovera, NAVE 1, 28440 Guadarrama, Madrid

Reducir el tiempo durante la Hora de Oro es la única forma de reducir a la mitad el número de víctimas y heridos en accidentes.

Frequently Asked Questions

will e-rescue be available in my county?

E-Rescue is making a big expansion but, as you know, bureaucracy is slow. We have to deal with many local laws and tryouts in order to guarantee the maximum security.

Will E-Rescue be useful in case the bus is upside down due to an accident?

Yes, in that case, E-Rescue will help the firefighters in order to remove the seats and get more space available to make their job easier.

Is E-Rescue made for all body sizes?

Yes, it’s made for all body sizes.

Will E-Rescue increase the price of my bus ticket?

No, E-Rescue only costs less than a cent per trip.

Can I use E-Rescue if I have to?

Yes, you’ll be able to follow the instructions that are in the package. E-Rescue is made to be easy to use

Is the E-Rescue system 100% secure?

Yes, E-Rescue has been made by expert engineers and proven in the hardest situations and drills. It will never fail.