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Documentary Video

The E-Rescue video that will help you get familiar with the system and what it offers.

In our documentary we address the issue of the lack of existence of a post-accident security system in traffic accidents involving buses and coaches. After a brief presentation of the product and its functions, we put it to test in a drill, comparing it with common rescue systems. The results talk for themselves.

E-Rescue on TVE

Televisión Española dedicated a report to us on Vital Security

A brief summary that serves as a premise to an entire world of post-accident security, in which E-Rescue becomes the undisputed star thanks to its characteristics, universality, and ease to drastically reduce mortality numbers.

Applying the E-Rescue system on children

We have developed the E-Rescue system taking all sizes into account

With which he have obtained a universal system that’s easy to use, keeping in mind any type of size, and opening the possibility to install the system in a school bus.

E-Rescue: Different application modes in case of an accident

An accident can have multiple consequences and unexpected endings

It’s because of that, that E-Rescue considers all the possibilities when focusing on a coach accident. In this video, you’ll learn how E-Rescue works depending on the final position in which the coach has been left in the accident.

En IFEMA 2017

E-Rescue had a primary stand at the International Bus and Coach Fair

The E-Rescue stand was one of the most acclaimed ones thanks to its innovation in post-accident security.

Standardization and validation tests

The different tests the E-Rescue system has been through.

The first of the standardization and validation tests to which the E-Rescue system went through was the verification of the correct position of the spine when immobilizing a victim against their seat. The second of the validation tests to which we put the E-Rescue system was the mechanical resistance one.

Bus Accidentes

Coaches, despite being very secure means of transportation, are not exempt of being involved in traffic accidents.

It’s necessary to complete coaches’ equipment with a Post-Accident Security system. The coach should have, from the beginning, as part of its own equipment, all the necessary means to immobilize and remove all victims in a safe manner.

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